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Bharatpur Forest Lodge

Bharatpur Forest Lodge is set in the forests of Bharatpur only about 1.5 km away form the world-famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is the best accommodation place for bird watchers and travelers coming for excursion bird reserve. The lodge offers wonderful views of the sanctuary and sightseeing of variety of colorful birds. It is about 56 km away from Agra Airport and only 8 km from Bharatpur Railway Station.
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Corbett Hideaway

This beautiful resort is located on the boundary of one of the most favored wildlife destination known as Corbett national Park. The resort is placed on the banks of Kosi River in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Corbett hideaway resort is spreads over an area of 13 acres that is covered with the mango orchard. The mixed shrubbery, alive with flowers adds more charm in the beauty of the resort.
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Corbett Riverside Resort

Along with the river kosi this beautiful and luxurious resort is situated in 21 acres. Tourists can reach to the resort easily by getting down to the nearest railway station of Ramnagar which is 11km far from Ramnagar town. The construction of the resort is very pretty as it is formed in a bungalow manner.
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Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest Lodge is a wonderful accommodation place located inside the Jim Corbett National Park, the oldest national park in India. It is one of the favorite places for nature and wildlife lovers. The lodge offers excellent views of surrounding areas. It is located about only 30 km away form distance from Dhangadi gate.
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Krishna Jungle Resort

Located at short distance form Kanha National Park, the wonderful Krishna Jungle Resort offers a truly rewarding jungle experience to the travelers. The lodge is set around 8 acres of area in dense forests regions. It is an ideal accommodation for the tourists who want to enjoy the bird watching, wildlife excursion, etc. This resort welcomes guests throughout the year. The nearest airport and railway station from the lodge is Jabalpur located about 170 km distance.
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Lake Palace Hotel

Lake Palace Hotel in Thekkady is an ideal accommodation option for wildlife excursion. The regally placed on banks of Periyar Lake amid the dense forests, the Lake Palace is the perfect hideaway place for holidaymakers. Its matchless and rustic charisma never fails to fascinate even single vacationer. It is welcoming guests to relax in the lap of nature and sped some quality time with their beloved.
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Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace is one of the most ideal accommodation places in Bharatpur town located about 55 km distance form Agra Airport and only 8 km from Bharatpur Railway Station. It is a wonderful place for enjoying holidays and sightseeing of variety of colorful birds. The hotel offers ideal sitting to the travelers to relax and have some memorizing experiences.
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Maneland Jungle Lodge

Hotel Maneland Jungle Lodge is located at the border of Gir Forest close to Gir National Park. It is about 60 km. away form Keshod Airport of the state. The lodge set on small hills and offers a wonderful ambiance for the wild, adventure and romantic vacations. It is ideal destinations dry delicious forests of Gir National Park and explores the Asiatic Loin. Gir National Park is the world’s only and last home of great creature, the Asiatic Loin.
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Nature Heritage Resort

This resort is situated among the hills of Madhya Pradesh and it is known as the “Heart of Bandhavgarh”. The rich flora and fauna of the place is quite popular among the vacationers. The resort is famous for its charming beauty and ambiance. The resort offers tourists jeep and elephant safari to watch the wildlife of the place.
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Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort

This resort is situated 30 kms far from the charming town Ramnagar in Uttarakhand. Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort is the first resort of one of the most prominent national park i.e. Corbett National park. This astonishing resort is begins in 1989.
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Sarapduli Forest Rest House

Sarapduli Forest Rest House is a wonderful jungle lodge located in Jim Corbett National Park. The luxury jungle lodge is located in deepest forest of Corbett. Delhi is the nearest airport to Sarapduli rest house about 260 km of distance. Tourists can easily reach here by Train. Ram Nagar is the nearest Railway station located only at 10 km distance.
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Sariska Palace

Sariska Palace is a luxury jungle lodge in Alwar district of Rajasthan located close to Sariska National Park. It was built in 19th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in beautiful and dense valley of Alwar as a hunting lodge. Jaipur Airport is located about 130 km is the nearest airport from Sariska Palace. It is also easily accessible from Alwar Railway Station located only about 36 km. distance.
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Sariska Tiger Havens

The hotel Sariska Tiger Heaven is located on the western hills of Sariska Tiger Reserve. It provides to wonderful tourist facilities like tourists guide, jeep safari, bird watching, nature walks, camel and horse safaris, sightseeing trips of surrounding areas with all luxury.
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Sinh Sadan Guest House

Located amid rich natural surroundings, the Sinh Sadan Guesthouse is an ideal accommodation place for excursion of Gir National Park. Keshod Airport is the nearest airport of this lodge located about 86 Km away. Tourists can also reach there by train, since, Sasan Gir Railway Station is located just 1 Km from the lodge.
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Spice Village Hotel

Located amid green surroundings on Cardamom Hills in Theddaky, Kerala, the Spice Village is a much preferred accommodation option for numbers of travelers. It is just faraway form from popular Periyar Tiger Reserve. The resort is ideal place to relish the charm of natural beauty and wildlife collection of Periyar National Park.
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Sundar Chital Tourist Lodge

The Sundar Chital Tourist Lodge is a beautiful jungle lodge located amidst the dense mangrove forests in Sundarbans at Sajnekhali in the state of West Bengal close to the Sunderbans National Park. Amidst the thick forests and flourishing green surroundings along with exciting wildlife make the lodge an ideal accommodation option for most of the wildlife enthusiasts.
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Taj Garden Retreat

Taj Garden Retreat is a five star hotel located close to the beautiful Periyar National Park. It is one of the ideal places for stay in Periyar. The scenic natural beauty of surroundings with luxury facilities and traditional charm of Kerala make the place ideal for a rejuvenating break. Cochin International Airport about 185 km and Madurai Airport about 135 km are the two nearest airports from the hotel.
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The Hammir Wildlife Resort

Hammir Wildlife Resort is located on close to Ranthambore National Park. Jaipur is the nearest airport form this park located about 180 km. The resort and national park is easily accessible through train, Sawai Madhopur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to this park located only at the 10 km distance.
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The Wild Chalet Resort

The Wild Chalet Resort is a nice luxury jungle resort located on the banks of River Banjar close to the main entrance gate of Kahna National Park. The lodge provides excellent accommodation cottage and decorated like India villages. It offers all the luxury facilities and services to tourists. Jabalpur is the nearest airport and railway station to this reserve about 165 km away.
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Tiger Den Resort

Tiger Den Resort is a luxury wildlife resort set on the beautiful Aravalli Hill ranges only five minutes away form Ranthambore National Park. The resort offers quality accommodation facilities to the travelers. Jaipur is the nearest airport located about 180 km distance and it is only 10 km distance form Sawai Madhopur Railway Station.
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Tiger Moon Resort

Tiger Moon Resort is an ideal accommodation option located close to the Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur at over the beautiful Aravalli Hill ranges. Its ideal location and luxury facilities offer excitement and exhilaration of holidaying in surroundings of best India wildlife destination that is Ranthambore National Park.
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Tiger tops Corbett lodge

Tiger tops Corbett lodge : This resort is famous for the big cats i.e. tigers. It is a 3 stared resort which fulfill all demands of their guests. The authentic beauty of Nainital makes travelers speechless. It’s a promise of the resort people that tourists will feel refreshing jungle life.
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Tiger Trails Resort

This is one of the preeminent wildlife resorts with all important facilities. Tiger trail is located just 2 kms from the very famous Bandhavgarh National Park of Madhya Pradesh. This wonderful resort is bounded by the sail and bamboo trees forest. It spreads over an area of 11 acre wooded land. The terrific beauty of the resort will make your wildlife tours exciting and joyful.
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Tiger’s Den Resort

This beautiful resort is located on the border of Tala Village of Umaria District, Madhya Pradesh. This is a wonderful resort of Bandhavgarh National Park where vacationers will stay with their friends or family. The tiger den resort gives you a chance to live in between the amazing locations of this park.
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Tuli Tiger Resort

Tuli Tiger Resort, a beautiful luxury jungle resort set in 22 acres of huge expanded lush green area. The lodge is located near the Ganghar River in the West of Kanha National Park’s buffer area. The resort resembles the true beauty of rural India and offers a great ambiance for completely relax and memorizing holidays. It is a wonderful place for nature lovers and promises for wonderful experience great India hospitality.
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Wild Grass Lodge

The Wild Grass Lodge is a wonderful jungle lodge located close to the popular Kaziranga National Park about 200 km away from Guwahati. The lodge is built in traditional India village style and decorated by variety of beautiful trees and shrubs. The place will provide ideal setting to nature lovers to relax some time in tranquil and lush green ambiance.
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Travel Tips For Visiting the National Park

Before choosing India as your destination it’s better to have a little knowledge of this land of diversity. Since its inception in tourist books, India’s tourism sector continuously increase in dimension and popularity and today the country becomes one of the most striking destination in the world and is host to scores of international tourist every year.

To make your visit simpler, effective and more enjoyable, India presents well-organized infrastructure covering all the aspects of tourism. Apart from the exotic and colorful places, India offers a profusion of hotels of all shapes and sizes right from the reasonable budget hotels to state-of-the-art luxury hotels and heritage hotels that can even vie with the foremost hotels of the world in the field of comfort and hospitality.

Just as its varied landscape, the climate of the country varies too – from the arid deserts of Rajasthan to the coolest and wettest valleys of Assam. Practically India moves on with three seasons a year –hot, wet and the cool. The sun starts to grow hotter in the Nothern Plains around February and by April it becomes almost unbearable, and monsoon in the form of huge rainstorms kick start around the month of June.

Before you depart

Research the wildlife you want to spot as well as the destination you are traveling to.

• Plan your trip to coincide with the peak wildlife season.
• Determine the best place for spotting animals and birds.
• Organize wildlife watching trips for the early morning or late evening.
• Hire an outfitter or guide that caters to families and has experience with children.

Engage the kids

Introduce the kids to the animals and birds they are likely to see on your wildlife watching trip.

• Investigate wildlife as well as its habitat.
• Help them learn to identify animal tracks.
• Research the natural history of the area together.

Make it fun

Knowing where and how to look for wildlife will increase your child’s chance of spotting birds and animals and it will help him or her understand the need to be alert, patient and quiet.

• Scan the horizon rather and rather than focusing on a bush or tree.
• Detect motion from a bird in flight to the twitch of an ear.
• Look for shapes that stand apart from the geography.
• Watch for the flash of color both in the sky and on the ground.
• Look at the edge of the animal’s habitat, be it a forest, field or pond.
• Keep an eye out for signs, from animal tracks to gnawed wood, that animals have been there.
• Don’t focus only on sight, listen to the sounds and detect the smells.

Turn your outing into a wildlife adventure

Spotting wildlife is only part of the fun. Include the following in your child’s day pack and turn the family outing into a wildlife adventure.

• Field guide.
• Animal or bird checklist.
• Binoculars.
• Camera, many disposable models work fine.
• Notebook to record ‘evidence’ of what they see.

Things More Important ! Never Forget Them

Essentials Doccuments : If you are an outsider and visiting India, carrying proper identification is inevitable. Like any other place in the world a proper identification in the form of passport and visa is necessary and should be always with you throughout your journey period. Besides the originals, a photocopy of your passport, visa, air ticket and other travel documents should be maintained.

Travel Insurance : Wherever you go the element of risk is always there with you like a shadow. And travelling to a foreign country can make the risk unnecessarily bigger. So it is wise to shed this uncertainty of life by insure against it. What happen if you find that your luggage and other personal valuables disappeared after arrival, or a medical emergency arises during your stay or some personal emergency that demands an early return to your homeland? Your travel insurance will defend all financial crises during such fragile moments of your visit.
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